Multi-Cloud Backup & Recovery with Scality and Veritas

November 17, 2016

More and more enterprises are opting for multi-cloud backup and recovery (B&R), combining on-premises object storage and public clouds like the cost-effective and highly durable Amazon Glacier. With support for Amazon’s S3 API, Scality and Veritas give you everything you need for an ideal B&R solution.

Watch the replay of this webinar and learn how to engineer a B&R platform that satisfies the proven 3-2-1 backup rule:


  • Keep critical backup data instantly accessible with the Veritas NetBackup Appliance
  • Retain data on-premises for longer-term availability with Scality RING scale-out storage
  • Veritas’ NetBackup Appliance offers optimized local storage for critical backup data that needs to be readily accessible for instant recovery
  • The Scality RING offers scale-out and highly available on-premises storage for data that needs to be available for 30 days to one year or longer
  • A public cloud such as Amazon Glacier offers archiving for your offsite backup data that is necessary to keep, but rarely accessed


 The Presenters

Arjan Van Proosdij
Global Solutions Marketing

Tom Leyden

VP Global Partner Marketing

Scality, Inc.