Service Providers

Gain the storage scalability, availability, and versatility you need in an everything-as-a-service world.

Powering Digital Business for Telcos, Cable Companies, Managed Services Providers, and Cloud Providers

The shift to the cloud is in full swing. To stay competitive, Service Providers must support diverse cloud-based, on-demand applications with enormous data storage implications. In mobile traffic alone, data consumption worldwide is expected to exceed 30 exabytes a month by 2020.

With the Scality RING, you gain a highly reliable, massively scalable storage solution that brings the economics of the largest cloud players to support any data application your customers require—today and for the foreseeable future.

Scality RING Scenarios:
  • Everything-as-a-Service
  • Web-scale Applications


Today’s Service Providers are tasked with supporting a broad range of data-intensive applications delivered from the cloud. Applications such as voice mail, mobile video, messaging, e-commerce shopping carts, data analytics, location-based geo-services, medical imagery and scores of others often involve tens of thousands, even millions of simultaneous requests.

With the RING, Service Providers can support cloud services that offer the high availability, reliability and split second response times consumers and businesses demand. Business customers can also meet rigorous requirements for backup, recovery, and business continuity, even in the face of ever-expanding storage volumes.

The RING offers substantial advantages for Service Providers in mixed application scenarios:

  • Zero downtime. Legacy NAS, with its dual controller architectures, can’t provide the level of performance today’s cloud applications require. Achieving high availability with these systems entails manual human intervention for failover scenarios, leading to downtime. Patches, upgrades, capacity expansions all require maintenance windows and further downtime. In contrast, the RING provides 100% uptime. Its unique routing protocol and software-defined architecture enable continuous availability and business continuity during planned and unplanned software and hardware changes.
  • High performance at unlimited scale. The RING can scale independently to accommodate as much performance and capacity as you need. The RING’s unique access and routing protocol guarantees response time, no matter how many requests come in and how large the infrastructure gets.

Native support for file and object storage on one platform. With the RING, Service Providers can access, store, and manage file, object, and OpenStack applications in one seamlessly integrated system.




Why Scality RING for Everything-as-a-Service?

  • Provides 100% availability with continual uptime guaranteed
  • Lowers risks and enables business continuity with stateless storage services, strong metadata protection (vs. gateway architectures), and as much as 14 nines durability
  • Accelerates time to market with pre-integrated applications Service Providers can launch quickly
  • Streamlines workflows by simultaneously integrating with file workflows and supporting web applications
  • Scales beyond petabytes at 50% the cost of AWS S3, consolidates multiple storage silos (legacy NAS, object)
  • Lowers maintenance costs—requires less than one FTE per six petabytes



Scality Everything-as-a-Service Customers

  • Comcast
  • Daisy
  • Orange
  • sfr
  • time-warner-cable


Scality Everything-as-a-Service Partners

  • Ctera
  • Dovecot
  • Open Exchange
  • ownCloud
  • synchronoss
  • Veeam
  • Veritas
  • Zimbra

Web-scale Applications

For many Service Providers, digital business depends on the success of single Web-scale applications such as streaming video. These cloud-based applications are spreading from consumer, social, video, and photo websites to other industries, including public sector, financial services, manufacturing, and life sciences. A growing number of industry-specific clouds now host web-scale applications that serve data (e.g., IoT and sensor data), analyze data (e.g., Hadoop and real time), and share information (e.g., electronic health records).

Just as with multi-app cloud applications, single web-scale applications can have enormous data requirements. They are often also deployed at vast scale. For example, the streaming video service Dailymotion manages over 4,000 hard drives in their RING system, and hosts more than 300 million customers a month. To support such scale, many of these applications are inherently distributed and eventually consistent. The Scality RING natively supports distributed architectures, which greatly improves efficiency, often removing entire layers of “translation” infrastructure in the process.

Scality RING has a proven track record of supporting production environments that require millions of simultaneous video uploads and streams, billions of objects, and capacity expansions of tens of petabytes, all while maintaining 100% uptime.

In addition, the RING supports S3-based applications with full compatibility, along with other storage standards like Swift, CDMI, and Scality’s hyper-efficient native REST protocol, giving Service Providers complete choice for the optimal fit.



Why Scality RING for Web-scale Applications?

  • Scales beyond petabytes at 50% the cost of AWS S3, without the “outbound” bandwidth tax (the cost differential is even greater across AWS regions)
  • Enables newer high performance services like HD video streaming with high throughput, across many simultaneous users
  • Improves customer satisfaction with 100% reliability with high availability guaranteed
  • Lowers maintenance costs—requires less than one FTE per six petabytes
  • Simplifies infrastructures with object storage and file compatibility and integration



Scality Web-scale Application Customers